5 Top Tips for Finding your wedding dress

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, we know that some people just about burst with excitement whilst others are filled with worry & what ifs! Whichever one you are is fine, we promise you a lovely time.

If you’re wondering how, you will ever choose, here’s our top tips for finding the perfect wedding dress…

1 – Think carefully about who you’d like to bring with you

Firstly, we advise no more than 3 and this is purely to help you. Too many opinions is definitely not helpful & can be very overwhelming.

Bring people who make you feel good & understand that its your dress, its how you feel that matters. Honest opinions are welcome, but the bride needs to be able to make her opinion clear first.

Also, a little tip if you do have quite a few people you want to include. Bring 1 or 2 to your first appointment & re-book to show everyone what you’ve chosen so they still get to be included & have a glass of bubbly with you, but you still get the best experience.

It’s about how you feel not what they think!

2 – Don’t start looking before you’re ready to find the one

Its fun, we get it! But we can’t stress enough the importance of not looking before you’re ready to buy. Mostly because there’s no guarantee the same dresses will still be available down the line regardless of whether you were planning to buy off the peg or by placing an order. We regularly get new stock in & therefore regularly discontinue stock too! So, if you’re starting shopping, make sure you’re ready to take the plunge & say yes.

You also don’t want to dull the novelty of dress shopping when you really are ready, too much shopping is 100% a thing when it comes to bridal.

3 – If you’re taking photos, make sure they’re good ones!

If you want my honest advice, I’d ditch the photos all together. They NEVER do the dress justice, it’s not like seeing it in real life, nor is it a true reflection of how it will look on photos taken by the professional. And if you’re like me, I’d sit & scrutinise all the little details (probably of myself, not the dress). It really is about the way that you feel when you’re in the dress.

Speaking from personal experience, when I saw my dress I just LOVED it straight away. I took a few photos & within the first hour had probably looked at them 10 times… so I deleted them & it was the best thing I did. Until it arrived, I just remembered it for how much I loved it when I’d first seen it & the excitement when it arrived was well worth the wait.

Having said that, I do appreciate that some people like to reflect on what they have tried on & it can all become a blur if you don’t have photos to go back on. So if this is you, just make sure that the person responsible for taking the photos will get good angles & take flattering photos – a VIDEO is even better!!

4 – Be open minded

It’s worth having a look for inspiration before your appointment if you want to. BUT, in doing this make sure you don’t pin all your hopes onto one particular dress, style or photo you’ve seen online. Its surprising how different wedding dresses look in person or on yourself compared to photos & as soon you start trying things on you might quickly move away from what you had in mind… if that happens, which it often does, don’t panic, it’s all part of the process.

Come open minded & prepared to try a bit of everything. We will encourage you to try each different silhouette & then we will work through the finer details such as necklines, lace, beading, straps veils etc! There is no harm in trying something you aren’t sure you will like, this is what your appointment is for, so use it! If you try something & don’t like it, we rule it out & move on to the next. This way, when you find the one you love you know you’ve left no stone unturned.

5 – Don’t go searching for the emotional “this is it” moment

Ok so this is a big one. We’ve all watched Say Yes to the dress, we’ve seen the big emotional moments when brides realise, they’ve found the one. And don’t get us wrong, it absolutely can happen but not for everyone! And…. if you go looking for it, it probably won’t happen & if you’re generally not a crier… don’t expect to cry, the same goes for your guests. Emotion can strike at the most unexpected moment!

Don’t over complicate it & go searching for a specific feeling. Do you love the dress? Can you imagine yourself getting married to the love of your life wearing it? Do you have the feeling that you don’t want to take it off? Or when you try others are you still going back to that certain one? Remember what the wedding is all about & if you feel confident & happy in it, go for it!

Most of all, come & enjoy the experience of finding your dress! If you ever have any questions or concerns around your appointment or finding the one, don’t hesitate to drop us a message – it’s what were here for & we are always glad to share our knowledge and help!

Ali & Molly x