Let’s talk about the price tag…

Firstly, with Ali getting married last year & myself right in the thick of planning my own wedding for July… we know all too well about the costs of planning a wedding and therefore completely understand the importance of budgeting. We all have different budgets, and everyone splits that bottom line figure up differently to prioritise the parts of the wedding that are most important to them. Once you’ve decided where the big spends are, you’re then looking where you might be able to make a saving!

Our best piece of advice here, when it comes to your bridal appointment (or any other wedding supplier really) is to be completely transparent about what your budget is! We won’t be offended if the dress isn’t your number 1 priority & therefore have a smaller budget! By understanding your budget, we can help you find the best option for you.

To order, our dresses come in between £975-£2250 with the majority sitting around the £1,500 mark. When we are buying our new season stock, value for money is one of the key considerations we have, this is one of the main reasons we just stock Morilee & Stella York…

Firstly, they both offer amazing value for money, premium fabrics & construction but also modern, fashion forward designs that don’t compromise style for construction.

Secondly, by focusing on just these two designers we have a huge depth & range of styles to offer with around 65 Stella York & 35 Morilee styles. If you are looking for a wide range of styles then you will be spoilt for choice.

If you’re on a tight budget, OR a tight timeline for that matter, then off the peg dresses will be your bestie… An off the peg dress (Sample Sale Dress) means that you are buying the actual dress displayed in the boutique. So, it has been tried on by other brides, but never worn outside or altered – be aware, not all dresses are available to buy this way & you are slightly more limited because you need the sample size to be within a shout of your size. Alterations are always required so don’t worry about not finding the perfect fit, it just needs to be within a size or two. But off the peg dresses can be less than half price so the savings can be huge! Currently our off the peg dresses start at £395!

Three benefits of buying a sample from a bridal boutique…

  1. You’re getting a designer dress for a fraction of the price, meaning you get the premium construction & quality but for much less money.
  2. Don’t assume that by buying second hand you are getting a good deal. It’s a common misconception that by buying online you are getting a good deal. But more often than not these prices are still higher than you’d pay for a sample from a bridal shop & aside from having likely been worn for a day. Second hand dresses, even if advertised a high street size have generally been altered to fit someone else’s body shape & height, which could result it costly alterations as well as any potential repairs from wear & tear.
  3. A new but cheaper dress from a less well established designer will mean poor fabrics & poor construction which will ultimately mean a much poorer fit. Let’s face it as a bride we want to feel amazing on the BIG DAY!

If this is still feeling like a little more than you wanted to spend, don’t despair! Our final option which is quite a common choice for brides who are after something a little understated, but still with that ‘bridal’ feel & perfect for a smaller budget… is our Dessy range. Dessy is primarily our bridesmaid range, although these lovely dresses are also frequently bought for proms, cruises, evening dresses etc. We stock around 60 different Dessy styles in the shop which can all be ordered in a HUGE variety of colours, including IVORY which gives the bridal feel but for less. These dresses come in at around £195-£295.

Finally, in terms of how it works when it comes to actually paying for your dress, this is how we do things.

  • If buying an off the peg dress, the full balance is typically paid on the day as you will then take the dress home with you!
  • If placing an order for a new dress, you pay a 50% deposit at the point of ordering & then pay the 50% balance 4-6 months later when YOUR dress has arrived & is ready for collection.
  • If you wish to spread the cost of your dress over time this is always an option whether you are buying a new dress or an off the peg dress. Just ask & we’ll work out a payment plan to suit you.

As ever, any questions just let us know!

Ali & Molly x